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Thursday, May 5, 2016

4/5 Review: FIRE BOUND by Christine Feehan

Fire Bound is book 5 in the Sea Haven Series by the wonderful and talented author, Christine Feehan.  I have read many books from this author and she never fails to deliver.

Lissa Piner has a secret.  A secret that she has not shared with anyone else.  As a talented glass blower who is quickly becoming well known, it’s her trip to Italy that really makes her smile.  To everyone else she is there to make a masterpiece, but to Lissa she is there to finally avenge a terrible circumstance and get revenge from those who took her family from her.

Casmir Prakenskii is a trained assassin living off the grid.  He has been asked to escort Lissa and protect her but what he sees when he looks at her is his other half.  Guess we're not in Kansas anymore because things are about to get scorched!

I loved how the characters were developed to such a point you could feel all their emotions.  Casmir and Lissa burn up the pages, and by that I do mean in every sense of the phrase.  The sex scenes are long, but extra sexy and make you thirst for a cold drink.

The mysteries that are unfolded, the betrayal, the loyalties and every other little flicker of the heart makes Fire Bound sensational and scorchingly hot.  I LOVED it!  

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