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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

3/5 Review: CLAIMING HIS MATE by M. Limoges

Claiming His Mate is the 5th instalment in the Black Hills Wolves Series by M Limoges.  I haven’t read any books by this author before, but from now on I will be keeping my eyes out for more.

Claiming his Mate is a very short, but a funny and sexy little story.  I would have loved to learn more about the pack and some of the other characters in the book, but understandingly with only limited time this was not going to happen.  Hopefully that means we will see more of this pack in future books.

Jace Matthews is the sexy Alpha who senses his mate as soon as he sees her.  Unfortunately his mate his human.  On advice from his family, he decides to take things slow and tries to form a friendship with Michelle first.  Good in theory, but when you add in some awkward and compromising positions it only leads to Michelle thinking that Jace is gay.

Once Michelle realizes that Jace is attracted to her things really start to run hot.  As always nothing is easy in a good shifter book and when Michelle is targeted by bullies who wanted her, Jace hands are tied and the mating begins.

Enjoyable book.  Easy to read.  Well worth the price of admission!

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