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Sunday, May 15, 2016

3/5 Review: A SEAL's OATH by Cora Seton

Boon Rudman and his friends are retired Navy SEALs. They want to start a sustainable community to change the way the world uses energy. He agrees to do a reality tv show to show how he plans to build that community. The terms are that he has to find a wife and get her pregnant within six months. If he fails he loses his funding and the land he plans to use to build it on. He ends up running into Riley Eaton at the ranch already and figures with their past she would make a perfect bride even if they don’t love each other. He's determined to win her over and convince her that being his wife is in both of their interests.

Riley Eaton and her three friends quit their jobs and move out to a family owned ranch in Montana to live a simply life. Little did she know her uncle sold the family ranch without her knowledge. She's upset because the ranch was supposed to be hers someday. They decided to live a life right out of a Jane Austen novel. To take time each day to themselves to work on their life's passions. Things were going well until Boone showed up and told her what was really going on with the land and what his plans were for it.


Let me start off by saying I understand this is a fiction book. That being said, I thought some aspects of the book were a little farfetched even for a fiction book. I think it was mostly the main character that bothered me the most. Riley seemed like an intelligent woman until Boone showed up. The last time she saw him like 15 years ago he was a complete ass to her. She crushed on him when they were younger. So he shows up and within five minutes of him being there, he asks Riley to marry him! Okay, I get that with what he is doing he is on a time crunch but come on! She ends up saying yes! To me this seems like she is a bit desperate too. What woman agrees to marry a man that fast? If my high school crush came up to me on the street after not seeing each other since graduation and asked me to marry him I would laugh at him. So that's mostly why I gave this book a 3/5 rating. I know it's a romance book and people fall in love fast, but most don't agree to marry that fast. What if he changed in those 15 years and turned into some crazy person? It seemed like every little snag that came up in this book was followed by someone getting angry then being okay with it five minutes later.

I actually enjoyed Riley's friends. I would read more into this series just to see how things turn out for her friends as well. I know that they are going to fall in love just like Riley did, very fast. I just enjoyed their personalities more too.

I'm not a huge fan of the Regency era and this book focuses on that. I won't say anything negative about that because I know some people love the simpler life of that era. It's just not for me. I enjoy the modern day amenities. Riley and her friends enjoy it and do go all out to try and live like people would have in the past. I do commend them for doing that, I know I wouldn’t be able to give up some of the things I use daily. Plus the clothes seem like they would be uncomfortable and a pain!

When I first saw the book and the title I expected something different with a book titled SEAL's Oath. I figured it would be about some bad ass Navy SEAL. Boone was just a normal guy who loves the environment and is wanting to make the world a better place. There is nothing wrong with that, I think it's great. It's just not what I was expecting. So if you are looking for a hot military romance, this book isn't for you. The whole book takes place after he is out of the Navy. I love that he stood up to the guy funding the project when it came to Riley's wishes. That shows me that he is a great guy and would do anything for the woman he loves. So overall I liked Boone.

This is the first time I have read anything by Cora Seton, and I would read other books by her. She seems like a great writer, I just didn't care for this book.

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