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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

4/5 Review: For Love and Honor by Candis Terry, Cathy Maxwell, Lynne Hinton

For Love and Honor is anthology by the talented authors Cathy Maxwell, Lynne Hinton and Candis Terry.  I have never read any of their books before but I found them to be very developed stories for the length they were working with.  Each book shows a different area of the military man and I thought all the books were equally as good as one another. 

The Bookish Miss Nelson by Cathy Maxwell was very short, but endearing never the less.  The leads in the story, Piper and William had the best chemistry and the book had the perfect ending with a little teaser hidden in there too.

Letters from Pie Town by Lynne Hinton was heart wrenching, but I absolutely loved the style this book was written in.  It gave lots of details about the soldier and what he was going through, what he was like and his life in general.  The letters from loved ones was what had you grabbing the tissues.  It was sweet, realistic and made you really proud to know we have people out in the world just like the hero in this story.

Home Sweet Home by Candis Terry was probably the most like a love story style book.  Aiden Marshall has just came home from active service and with him he has brought along a whole load of self-loathing, guilt and nightmares.  Thankfully he has his long time sweet heart Paige Walker in his corner and with a little help from his town he takes one step closer to getting things back on track.  This book was so full of love, loyalty and real emotion that I couldn't put this down until it was finished.

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