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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

4/5 Review: DARING HER LOVE by Melissa Foster

Daring Her Love is part of The Bradens Novella by author Melissa Foster.  Although this story is fairly short, what it lacks in length is definitely made up with a rich storyline.

The story is about Kat Martin and her desire to restart her life.  She has taken this first step and is waiting at the airport for her new life to begin.  She wants to forget her crappy job and the endless line of boyfriends.  She wants to find what her best friend recently found; someone who loves her for who and will be there with her forever.

Enter Eric James to the story.  Eric lives his life one way and that is intense with no strings attached.  He is the sexy race car driver who can and usually does have whoever he wants on his own terms.  Possessive is something he is not and is only interested in the right here, right now type of thrills.

What happens when you put these two personalities together in an airport that has delayed their flight due to weather?  An imaginable tryst that stirs the possessiveness in Eric and leaves Kat wanting to forget.

I loved the chemistry between these two and how well written the characters are.  It makes the story complete.  I also liked the fact that unknown to both Eric and Kat that they had prior interaction but didnt realise until much later in the story.

Daring her love is sensual, sassy, and sexy!

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