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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Truth about You by Susan Lewis

Lainey Hollingsworth is the anchor in her home. In addition to managing her husband’s writing career, she oversees the daily operations of a chaotic family: a rebellious teenage daughter, a stepson who blames her for ruining his life, and an adoptive father afflicted with Alzheimer’s.

Lainey always had a volatile relationship with her mother, who never revealed the truth about Lainey’s biological father, or the reason she fled Italy for England when Lainey was an infant.

As Lainey plans a trip to her mother’s homeland in search of answers, the familiar rhythm of life implodes when she receives a cryptic text message: Ask your husband about Julia. Suddenly caught between the ghosts of her past and a frighteningly unpredictable future, Lainey must face choices no woman would ever want to make. 

I liked Lainey straight away. She’s warm, loving and kindhearted and her family is all important to her. Lainey has booked a family holiday to a beautiful villa in her late mother’s hometown in Italy, in the hope of finding out more about her birth family, in particular the father she knows nothing about.
I was quickly drawn into Lainey’s life and found her different relationships very believable and particularly found it touching how she coped with the harrowing condition of Alzheimer’s that her beloved, adopted father had to live with. I felt it was written in very compassionately and showed just how tough it is for all family members.

What a terrific novel by an author that I am coming to appreciate more and more with each book I read by her. She is a new writer to me so I have been reading from her back list but was delighted to read this story. It's a moving and tense story of what happens when a serious and life changing event happens and causes ripple effects that engulfs everyone in the family. It truly shows you how fragile life is and the ramifications of infidelity in a relationship,this book is centered on Lainey, the mother of Tierney.  When Lainey receives a text telling her to ask her husband about Julia and more secrets come out her own marriage is in jeopardy. 

Unfortunately,While Lainey’s husband, Tom, is away dealing with the secrets he had been keeping Lainey and the children travel to Italy so she can search for information about the father she never knew and the family her mother always kept from her. I stayed up late several nights reading it.  Lainey’s strength is what stands out in this book.  She is the glue that holds the family together even when it looks like the whole family may unravel. This book will keep you engaged and wanting to know more so be prepared to enjoy.   If you love a strong family drama then this is a must read for you.  

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