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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Caught Up in You (A Loving on the Edge Novel) by Roni Loren

I go so caught up in this book, I absolutely feel in love with the characters. I became jealous of Kelsey and Wyatt is so sexy as a Dominant that I just wanted to be the one feeling his touch.

Kelsey is working two jobs, one as a waitress where she flirts and fantasizes about Wyatt Austin and also she also works at The Ranch, a private BDSM resort. Saving up for culinary school so she can one day open up her own bakery. She has many skeletons in her closest though, but she has done all she can to get back to a normal life. When someone comes back from the past, and threatens her new beginnings things change for her and she can only help but wonder if her fantasizes may become her savior.

Wyatt doesn't want to date he works to many hours, yet the pretty young waitress brings out something insider him he thought was no longer there. Now with an upcoming business retreat he needs someone to pose as a girlfriend, and Kelsey needs somewhere to hide for a little bit there is no way he can't resist making her an offer. This is when Kelsey finds out that Wyatt's power at work doesn't match his power in the bedroom and cannot help but wonder if she can survive this all. He soon realizes he wants her now more than ever.

This book was so steamy, and so well laid out I could not help but try and imagine being Kelsey. Roni Loren has a knack when it comes to the BDSM lifestyle. This book and its pace flowed so well you were never bored and it didn't feel rushed or unreal. I love how it has like the movie Pretty Women with a little kink in the mix. I can not wait to read the previous books of this sexy, steamy series and future ones. If I could give this book 10 stars I so would!

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