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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Lone Warrior by Lori Austin

    Rose had her two year old daughter stolen from her over a year ago and has been searching for her. Now she is searching for The White Ghost who seems to be her only chance of finding her daughter. They have to battle not only the Indians but the Military in hopes of finding Lily. The clash of the real and not so real are ever present.

    The plot was interesting and had you wondering what was going to happen next. Was the romance going to get in the way or Luke's background with the Cheyenne? The heartbreak of a mother having a child stolen wants a happy ending. Will her child be found safe and if so will she remember her mother or is she now one of the Indians.

        I liked this book and think the author Lori Austin did a great job in bring all the emotions of grief and hope into this story.  The descriptions of the events that took place also were beautifully written.

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