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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hungry Like a Wolf (Others) by Christine Warren

I am a sucker for anything romance with some kind of paranormal mixed in, especially werewolves.

Honor Tate inherits the position of alpha of the White Paw pack after her father's death. When all she ever wanted was to have a "normal" life and on occasion go on a run through the woods in her fur. But she takes the packs welfare first. She asks for a formal acknowledgment from the head alpha of their region and alpha of the Silverback clan. Along comes Logan Hunter, the beta and he has to evaluate weather or not this female can handle running a pack. Yet he has other plans as soon as he comes into contact with Honor and lets just say, everything turns into a hurricane of a mess.

This story was wonderful. It shows that even in fiction the roles of society are at war with males thinking they are top dog and worried women can't handle it. Well that is wrong and we all know it. With the romance, suspense and how Logan and Honor compliment each other it made this book so thrilling and enjoyable I never wanted to put it down. Though I haven't read any of the other books in this series I do plan on picking them up and sinking my teeth into them. If this book is any indication I know I will be hooked.

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