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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mary Wine Interview & Giveaway

Acclaimed author Mary Wine has written over 30 works of erotic fantasy, romantic suspense, and historical romance. An avid history-buff and historical costumer, she and her family enjoy participating in historical reenactments. Mary lives with her husband and two sons in Yorba Linda, California.
In a Land of Warriors Playing a Deadly Game...Moira Fraser has been given an ultimatum—marry the elderly Laird Achaius Morris, or risk another deadly clan war. She vows to do the right thing, as long as she can steer clear of the devilish charms of one stubborn Highlander...How Do You Avoid Becoming a Pawn? Gahn Sutherland knows there's a dangerous plot behind Moira Fraser's wedding, and will stop at nothing to foil it. But where a hot-headed, fiery Highland lass is involved, trust and honor clash with forbidden attraction, threatening to blow the Highland's sky-high.  

Can you please share with us a little about yourself.
I spend most of the day listening to the voices in my head and trying to decide how to get them to do what I want while taking orders from a parrot. Ah…well, I mean, I’m an author and write full time and I have an umbrella Cockatoo who shares my office.
Have you always wanted to be an author?
Off and on. Once I discovered that I couldn’t be a princess because I wasn’t born into it…majorly unfair!!!. I think I wanted to be a super spy, until I realized people would always be trying to kill me. But writing about all of it really hit the spot.
Are you a plotter or a punster or combo of both? And you explain the difference?
I tend to be a little of both. Most of my books hit with an opening idea. I’ll sit down and write that because they are usually very vivid. Most people would say that makes me a ‘punster’ meaning I go with the flow. I do outline after that, otherwise the book will lack a little flavor by the end because I’m stumbling along trying to plot it while writing it. But there has also been more than one book that I needed to make a second outline after I completed it because it just went its own way.
What is your most interesting writing quirk?
The parrot. She really does tell me what to do.
What is one of your favorite Myths/legends to write about?
I love history. Many of my stories begin during some documentary. I always think, what about the people trying to survive during these times? They had feelings too.
If you could live back in time, what time period would you choose and why?
I’d only go back to visit. I would adore going to a Victorian ball but dealing with the lack of sanitation during the period wouldn’t be fun. I love those Highlanders but there is no way I’d want to endure a winter in the Highlands during the era. Oh, but the things I might lean. Now that would be grand.
Have you ever come across a song that might fit the theme of one of your books?
I always choose a song for every book. Music is very important to my writing process.
Do you remember what you felt when you had your first kiss?
No. But I remember dreaming of it.
What was the most creative pick up line you've ever used on someone or someone used on you?
I only recall the worst one. A man once told me all he needed was five minutes. I responded with telling him that if that’s all he could manage, It wasn’t worth the time to take off my corset.
When writing do you have a playlist of music you like to listen to? What are a couple songs on it?
I don’t listen to music while I write. But I do listen when I sew and that is when I am flushing out many of my story lines.
What do you do when you think nobody is watching?
Talk to the parrot.
What was your favorite childhood book?
Little house books. The Red Castle women, Gone with the Wind and then I bought my first romance, So Speaks the Heart.
What is your favorite addition to chocolate?
Hugh Jackman.
What does your husband/significant other say about your writing erotic stories? What about your family and/or do they read your books?
My husband has been the most wonderful supporter. I was shocked to my toenails when I discovered one of my books on my mother’s coffee table. My Dad has been very supportive too.
Besides your own, what is one of your favorite series to keep up with?
Crossfire books by Sylvia Day.
What do you think you would be doing if you weren't writing?
Sewing historical garb or teaching Tae kwon do.
Do you have any hobbies or activities you enjoy doing?
I love doing historical events. I own a bustle and wear it. My husband and I enjoy attending formal night on cruise ships in Victorian dress. Hey, they said formal but they didn’t give a date. I also take tae kwon do. I am a third degree black belt and on my way to Master.
What is something you do to de-stress?
Tae kwon do.
We all know about muses...what do you think inspires you to allow your creative juices flowing?
It’s just always been there, is there. The stories. My charters show up and I have to write their tale.
Fun Facts (things the fans don't know)
I am a third degree black belt in tae kwon do.
I have dance ballet on full point.
I don’t drink.

Thanks so much for having me over. You can find out what I’m doing at my website,
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