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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review: Tall Dark Vampire by Sara Humphreys

Tall, dark, and vampire, who doesn’t like to have their own personal super being with a bite? Vampires or shifters, they have super strength, wealth, and the physique of a god, not to mention their specialty in seduction! I was completely swooning off my feet by Ms. Humphreys’ amazing talent of weaving a love story of a woman who’s after my own heart. A heroine with spunk, intelligent, stubbornness, strong willed, and loyal to those around here. A woman whose conviction is her own passion!

Olivia is a vampire unlike other, she disliked leather-tight clothing, she dressed to blend in with the party goers frequent at her nightclub, and she liked engaging with human and other vampire, the only different about her from the rest of the human kind is her thirst for blood. And even with the blood thirst, she still refused to see human as “live-stock” and only taking the synthetic from the blood banks. To top it all, THE WOMAN IS KEEN ON CELIBACY!!! Talk about wasting her seduction skills. Nonetheless, Olivia is unique in her own ways, she has her own principles and her heart is yearning for a bloodmate. So, celibacy it is until she came face to face with the man her soul has been searching for.

Meet detective Doug Paxton, a great cop, loyal friend, and the reincarnation of Olivia’s bloodmate. Possible or impossible? Doug wasn’t sure if the woman standing in front of him is an illusion or a real-life-breathing-kicking-person. For a long time he has been dreaming of her, yearning for her, but only to wake up in sweats and memories of what transpired the night before. But now the fiery vixen standing here is made of flesh and blood, her lips curved into a seductive smile and her fair skin glistening under the moonlight. Lost in lust and love, Doug couldn’t help but be drawn to Olivia, even though her nightclub is under investigation of a murder.

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, is that still true when two lover birds are put to the test? What will each of them do if their love is denied? You’ll find all that in this 1st installment of the new series by author Sara Humphreys. Tall, Dark, and Vampire is riveting, outstandingly written, and it possess the hearts of the readers. A must read for all vampire lovers and anyone who needs motivation to be stronger than they were before. 

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