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Saturday, August 31, 2013

He Claims Me by Cynthia Sax

A billionaire's desires and a virgin's wish to be claimed come together.
Two men want Anna Sampson. Gabriel Blaine is powerful, intelligent, the CEO of a successful company, and a billionaire. He's watched her, touched her, encouraged her to become a strong, independent woman, a woman unafraid of her desires.
Now secrets from the past are exposed, threatening Anna's freedom and safety. Will the man she loves stand by her side, or will he desert her, leaving Anna once again to face the future alone?
The searing climax of The Seen Trilogy.

Oh my goodness this was a great book. Gabriel and Anna have finally taken their relationship to the next level, he has taken her virginity.  Even though another man wants her, she belongs to Gabriel.   Throughout the whole series Anna had been house sitting a mansion.  The owner has decided to use Anna as a scapegoat to get some extra money by using her past against her.  The owner has claimed that Anna has stolen from her.  Anna's biggest fear is that she will end up in jail like her father.  When the police arrive to arrest her she calls on Gabriel to save her.

The trilogy ends where is began, with Gabriel watching her.  Only now Gabriel has his friends watching Anna as well.

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