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Monday, August 26, 2013

Bodyguards of Pleasure by Melody Snow Monroe

Overweight computer nerd Brooke Armstrong lives her dream of store ownership. When she witnesses a drug deal gone bad, the killer is intent on seeing her dead. Scared for her life and that of her family’s, she reluctantly accepts protection from two hot bodyguards, Gavin Kirkwood and Riley Landon. Gavin can’t believe how much Brooke entices him. He’s drawn to her lush curves and intelligent mind. He knows she will make the perfect submissive for him and Riley. Never in her wildest dreams did Brooke think the muscular former military man would find her attractive, but when he ties her up and demands her obedience, she’s in heaven. Too bad the killer won’t let them revel in their passion. How can the men convince Brooke they want her in a permanent menage relationship?

This is the first book that I have read in the Bodyguards of Pleasure series and all I can say is Melody Snow Monroe has written one Sexy Book. The sparks that fly between Gavin, Riley and Brooke will keep you intrigued through out the book. I love how the three consenting adults have beautiful sex and that it was not trashy. This book will leave you wanting your own personal bodyguards and definitely wanting to read more of Ms.Monroe's books.

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