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Friday, August 16, 2013

Cowboy Seeks Bride Carolyn Brown Interview

What is one of your favorite Myths/legends to read or write about?

CB: I’ve always loved the old west so it’s easy for me to write about cowboys and their role in shaping our country and life. I especially like writing about Texas and its "bigger than life" history. It goes with a cowboy’s swagger and all that makes him a hero that a woman can fall in love with.

If you could live back in time, what time period would you choose and why?

CB: Oh, I would love to go visit Scarlett O’Hara before the war broke out. I’d like to go to the parties and hear Mammy fussin’ about eating too much and I’d love to lay up there in a bedroom with all those other debutantes and gossip. But at the end of the day, I’d want someone to snap their fingers and bring me home to nowI’m rather fond of indoor plumbing and air conditioning and I’m not so sure I could wear one of those corsets very long.

Have you ever come across a song that might fit the theme of one of your books?

CB: How much room for this interview is there? I write to country music. I cut my teeth on Hank Williams. I love Blake Shelton, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Miranda Lambert and too many others to begin to name. Every one of my books has a dozen theme songs. "Come On In, The Whiskey’s Fine" by Mark Chestnutt and "Simple Man" by Ricky Van Shelton were two that come to mind for Cowboy Seeks Bride.

Do you remember what you felt when you had your first kiss?

CB: Disappointed. Surely there had to be more than two sets of dry lips brushing against each other to create all the sparks and fizz that I’d read about in the books that Mama would have pitched a hissy over if she’d known I was reading them.

What was the most creative pick up line you've ever used on someone or someone used on you?

CB: Darlin’, I’ve been married 47 years! I do remember a young fellow sending me roses once after we’d had a big fight over his cheating ways. And I did send him a note that went something like this…the roses were beautiful but just like your love, they withered and died and I threw them over the pasture fence.

When writing do you have a playlist of music you like to listen to? What are a couple songs on it?

CB: Anything that is a slow country song can make it’s way into my play list but I have to give Floyd Cramer a lot of credit. I love his tinkling piano and "Last Date" and "Georgia On My Mind " are two of my all-time staples.

What do you do when you think nobody is watching?

CB: Raid the refrigerator. If no one sees you eat it, it has no calories or fat grams!

What was your favorite childhood book?

CB: I read everything I could get my hands on and naming just one would be too difficult. Heck, remembering just one would be tough!

What is your favorite addition to chocolate?

CB: Peanuts! And if I eat them in my office with the door closed, the answer to the previous question holds true.

What does your husband/significant other say about your writing erotic stories? What about your family and/or do they read your books?

CB: Well, darlin’, I don’t consider what I write anywhere near erotic. However, Husband does attend the Romance Writer’s of America conferences with me each year and every year I design a tee-shirt for him to wear to the book signings. Last year’s had a lovely picture of my newest cowboy book: above it were were the words, I sleep with the author. Below the picture was…and I am the inspiration for pages 247-255. And yes, ma’am, my children and my family read and love all my books.

Besides your own, what is one of your favorite series to keep up with?

CB: I’m still following Sue Grafton’s alphabet series and I love Joanne Kennedy’s cowboy series.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren't writing?

CB: I can’t imagine life without writing. Maybe I’d try race car driving or I’d be sitting on a beach reading at least two books a day while good lookin’ cowboys kept my glass of sweet tea filled to the brim.

Do you have any hobbies or activities you enjoy doing?

CB: I love cooking and spending time with family.

What is something you do to de-stress?

CB: I sit in my lovely back yard on my swing and listen to the birds sing while I pet my two cats who put the fear of two tom cats into grasshoppers and spiders.

We all know about muses...what do you think inspires you to allow your creative juices flowing?

CB: If I hit a snag and need my muse, I just look over my shoulder and there is a long line of cowboys with hats in hand, waiting patiently for their turn. If it’s a really big snag, I hand one of them a guitar and he plays soft country music and I’m ready to go again.

10 Fun Facts (please share 10 things the fans don't know)
  1. I’m such an open book that this could be difficult but I’ll give it my best.
  2. I worked at a newspaper for 14 years and wrote an award winning weekly humorous column.
  3. I was the hussy who dated college boys while I was still in high school.
  4. I’m a mail-order-bride…for real!
  5. I like donuts with maple icing even better than chocolate.
  6. I’m married to Charlie Brown…and that’s for real, too!
  7. I love to cook, especially for the whole family at Thanksgiving and Easter.
  8. I visit all the places I write about.
  9. I love slow rainy days.
  10. I do not do sweat…air conditioning is my friend.
  11. Thong underbritches and Lycra are not my friends

He's Tough as Nails and Ready to Ride...

Rancher Dewar O'Donnell is just an old-fashioned cowboy at heart, and he can't wait to reenact the historic Chisholm Trail ride with his buddies. The trial-run cattle drive for a reality TV show sounds like a great timeuntil H.B. McKay pulls up in her slick red sports car...

She's Way Out of Her Element...

Haley McKay is a feisty, high-powered businesswoman with the power suit and stiletto heels to prove it. She's keen to research her company's hot new idea for a reality TV showbut mount up with a bunch of modern-day cowboys? Are they kidding?

It's too late to back out now, so Haley sets out to prove that it will take more than snakes, storms, and stampedes to make her back down.

Besides, sleeping under the stars with Dewar O'Donnell could prove mighty interesting... Praise for Carolyn Brown:

"Lazy drawls and pointy-toed boots are at the heart of Brown's Texas-set romance...the couple's relationship is hot as the Texan sun." RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

"Funny, frank, and full of heart...One more welcome example of Brown's Texas-size talent for storytelling." USA Today Happily Ever After

"Alive with humor...Another page-turning joy of a book by an engaging author." Fresh Fiction


Carolyn Brown is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author with more than sixty books published. She writes bestselling single title cowboy and country music mass market romances, as well as women’s fiction. Born in Texas and raised in southern Oklahoma, Carolyn and her husband now make their home in the town of Davis, Oklahoma. Look for The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby in stores this October!






  1. Good mornin' everyone! I've got coffee in hand and I'm ready to visit so come on in and ask questions, leave comments or drag up a rocking chair and we'll just talk a while.

  2. OMG for real, a mail order bride? Wow that's amazing. Yep thongs, never understood why they wear something that crawls your butt all day! I washed my sons clothes and low and behold there was this tiny strip of lace. Of course it was his girlfriends, she lives with us more thanks she does home. She's seems happier here and I love her to death! I embarrassed her when I ask her how she wears them.
    I love your books! If you thinks she's funny here, then you need to read her books. She's an absolute HOOT! Thanks for stopping by Carolyn

  3. Kim, thank you, thank you!
    And yes, ma'am, I'm a prototype for all this foo-rah around internet dating. Back in the mid 60's Husband was in Germany with the service and I was in high school in southern Oklahoma. My best friend was engaged to a guy that he knew in the service so here comes a picture of a bunch of handsome soldiers. I simply picked out the one I wanted, was brazen enough to write the first letter and two years later I got an engagement ring and a proposal in the mail. I was 17 when I got on that Greyhound bus and went from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania to marry that soldier that I had never met. We married six weeks after he got home...and they all said it would never last so there were no showers or wedding gifts. Why waste your money on a loud mouthed Texas Rebel? That was 47 years ago last Monday. I'm proving them wrong a day at a time. LOL!!! AND darlin', not one of those years have I wanted to invest in a pair of thongs! LOL!

  4. I loved reading that! You are a brazen woman! No wonder I like you so much! Sounds like you made the perfect choice! I was married at 16. I got pregnant and my husbands grandmother had passed away and his dad said we had to go stay with his grandfather( who was in a wheelchair), but we had to get married. Well his dad told him to get me to the courthouse. So my husband took off work(still dirty) and we went to the courthouse. The judge married us in less than a hour and cost him $17.00, everything in his pocket. We went and stayed with his grandfather and eventually he helped us buy our first home. He lived with us until he passed and we still live in that hime today! I miss the old fart. We became good friends and I miss him. My husband said that was the best $17.00 he spent! We will celebrate 30 years in December. He's my best friend and my one true love. People said we would never make it! Haha the laughs on them! We did.