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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rose Harbor in Bloom by Debbie Macomber

This was a wonderful read.  It was almost like 3 stories in one.  It had heart break and hopes sprinkled with a little fear.  It showed how we can see one thing but it isn't always what we think.  For instance Annie and Oliver.  She thought Oliver was always picking on her and teasing her because he didn't like her.  Turns out that he had been in love with her for many years.  It took coming to Rose Harbor to figure that out.

Then we have the story of  Mary and George.  They had been in love for many years.  They even had a baby together, which Mary had given up for adoption.  Mary came to Rose Harbor after finding out she had cancer.  She felt that she needed to make peace with her past before it was to late.  George taught Mary that even though she maybe dying, he always had and always will love her.  He wanted to be there for her no matter what happened.

Then we have Jo Marie, the owner of Rose Harbor.  She bought the Inn after her husband passed away.  She never gives up hope that he may be found alive one day.  She hires Mark to plant roses for her in honor of her dead husband Paul.  Even thought Jo Marie and Mark spend most of the book snipping at each other, you can still tell that they are friends and that's sometimes what friends do.

This is a feel good book that I recommend to everyone.  You will laugh and you will cry.  Most of all you will want to go stay at Rose Harbor Inn.

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