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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Her Master's Kiss by Vivien Sparx

Ok, I been thinking on how to write this review for over a few weeks now.  I will say that it had good points and bad points.  It had a good story line about a couple, who faced the death of their baby.  They are going through the motions.  Renee wants their old like back when Stefan was her master.  Stefan feels that being her master is behind them because they are married now.  The couple work together and finally come to an agreement, that Stefan would be her master but only in the bedroom.

Now for the brutal honesty.  I would have liked this book more if the line "Baby Storm's Death" hadn't been used so many times in the book.  I think Vivien is a great author and a wonderful person.  I just had a hard time with the over use of the line "Baby Storm's Death".  Just typing it twice annoyed me.

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