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Monday, August 26, 2013

Claimed by the Demon by Doranna Durgin

A blade wanted his soul…but she wanted his heart in Doranna Durgin's CLAIMED BY THE DEMON  

Gwen Badura lives by instinct, tied to the pendant she has worn since she was a child. Michael MacKenzie is driven by the demon blade he carries, his soul slowly poisoned by its demands. They are both drawn to the city of Albuquerque by forces they do not understand…forces that require their submission—or their death. 

Thrown together by violence, in a city being driven mad with hate, their connection—emotional and physical—is immediate, and fierce. They don't know the rules of this deadly game, only the penalty for losing. Gwen and Mac need to trust each other to survive—but the secrets they carry may destroy them first.

Who needs vampires when you can have a demon blade?

I didn’t want to put this book down. The action is steady with small periods where Gwen, Mac and you, the reader take a minute to gather yourselves before the next round. An excellent mix of romance and violence.

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