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Monday, August 12, 2013

Night's Mistress by Amanda Ashley

Mara, mistress of the night, or at least that’s what she known as among the vampires and mortal hunters. As an ancient, Mara instills fear and her demeanor demands respect from those who had the unfortunate of meeting her. To some, she is mysterious, alluring and fiercely independent. Nonetheless, despite all the power she yields under her little hands, Mara has many suitors, vampires and mortal alike, but no one has the good fortune to claim her heart, yet. However, love is a funny thing. It always seems to be able find you when you least expected, for that, Mara is no exception.

Loving the right man or the wrong man both will require sacrifices and understanding. But how can Mara decides when one man is the father of her child who refused her love? While the other man offered his love unconditionally and all he wants in return is her love for all eternity. For Mara, all she ever wants is to be cared for and loved, like any other women of her time. Having for being alone for so long, when Logan Blackwood offered the sanctuary of his home and heart, Mara knows she would be a fool to turn him away, for the second time.

Once again, author Amanda Ashley has done an incredible job at weaving the story to capture the hearts of the readers. All I can say is, about time Mara gets her story! I’ve been waiting to learn more about Mara since the Nights series first released with Night’s Kiss. Mara is an intriguing character, a woman with her own mind and her conviction is her passion for "life". She lives by her own rules, although to some she might appear harsh, but when the people she loves needed her, she’s always there to see them thru. For the readers who loves a kick ass heroine, Night’s Mistress is definitely the book for you. It’s fantastically written and riveting; Amanda Ashley is definitely a master-storyteller of vampire tales.

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