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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

White Hot by Nina Bruhns

Clint Walker is unfortunately being pursued but, not by the hot female captain of the cargo ship he just stowed away on. He is now being chased across the icy seas of the Alaskan Bering Sea by Chinese agents who are after a highly classified data card containing top-secret military intell. Now they are planning a nasty surprise for the entire crew of the Île de Cœur , including its pretty captain and him.

Running straight into danger, Captain Samantha Richardson is determined to get back her hijacked ship from a bunch of greedy modern-day pirates. And no one better try telling her she’s “just a girl” and can’t fight for her own ship, especially not even a damn wannabe hero. Clint knows these aren’t simple pirates, they’re dangerous assassins trying to retrieve the data card from him, by any means necessary. While battling to save the ship and innocent lives of the hostage crew, Clint and Sam realize they have to work together to defeat this enemy. Meaning they need to learn to trust one another.

They soon realize that the passion between them is not just from adrenaline sex, but the real thing--true love -- and the vows they made in the fever of danger will live inside their hearts forever.

Very interesting storyline, and I did enjoy the ups and downs. Personally there was more action than romance for my taste but I know we all have our own opinions. There are many Military based stories out there and well Nina Bruhns did an amazing job. So if you want to see if they live long enough to fulfill those heartfelt promises or will the enemy take down the ship, take back the vital intell, and take out their possibility of a future together. Then go ahead and pick this book up and see for yourself. 


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