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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fear the Darkness-By Alexandra Ivy


Fear the DarknessFear the Darkness releases on August 28th and is book 9 in Alex's Guardians of Eternity series, which if you haven't read any of the others in the series, you won't be lost. Alex shows a knack for giving you exactly what you need/want to know at just the right time... I say -haven't read the others in the series yet- because after you read Caine and Cassie's story you will definitely want to get to know the rest of her characters. They are all so very intriguing running the gambit of Alpha, sexy, brooding, badass, and completely devoted to their women. Cassie and Caine just exploded off the page for me and I adored them both throughout the entire story. Usually I will like the hero over the heroine in most stories but they were both completely on par for me. Caine is badass and totally devoted to keeping Cassie safe even from himself, and Cassie, though tiny in stature, shows incredible strength of will
Caine used to be a bad boy cur, who's greatest wish was to become pureblooded Were with power and women to spare. Well he has finally gotten his of them anyway. After having tangled with the darkest Demon Lord Caine is transformed into a powerful pureblood Were. Of course fate has to get her kicks in, and by golly has she whopped him a good one when she drops Cassandra in his lap.
Cassandra is a Were, but unable to shift, due to some tinkering by the Dark Lord, and an extremely rare and much sought after prophetess. She has been held captive for her entire life, and has no idea how to behave in society once Caine springs her from the Dark Lord's care. Thus Caine makes her safety his number one priority, and with her visions constantly leading them into danger this is no small feat. On top of that he has to fight the near obsessive attraction he has for her fearing that her attraction to him is only due to inexperience. Can he keep her safe and resist her wiles? We shall see...

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~~A 5 heart read for sure

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