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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dangerous Proposal by Jessica Lauryn

Review by Desere Steenberg :Dangerous Proposal [The Pinnacles of Power] (BookStrand Publishing Mainstream Romance)

Totally Incredible and so unbelievable ! That does not even fully come close to a description worthy of this book! I totally adored every single second ! Page turner over and over and over again !

Alec is that somewhat sexy mysterious character that adds the element of surprise to the book,Lena is the lady in danger that needs some serious rescuing and her ex is the totally psychotic monster from hell !

The book was so incredible and really had me on edge ,I could not put this one down. The element of no trust between Alex and Lena throughout the book was so very unique and the plot was a truly remarkable one.

You are most likely thinking they fall in love ,he saves her and that is the end of it ..wrong ! I am not wanting to give away the entire book here so I will say this,yes they fall in love and yes he rescues her in more way than one but there is more than a twist here. The book was full of wonderful surprises and the author drew me in and I simply could not let go.

The characters were very uniquely and cleverly written by the author. The scenes were at times so vivid that trying to picture it in my minds eye was no hardship at all.And the fact that every character in the book is somewhat suspect and keeps you guessing was truly a wonderful element !

This is one proposal you will not want to miss !!

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  1. Wow! The comments tell it all...
    page turner...unique plot...unique characters...drew me in...
    That says it all