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Monday, August 20, 2012

Lingerie and Lariats by Cheyenne McCray

Lingerie and Lariats is the latest instalment from the Rough and Ready series by Cheyenne McCray.  I found this book a fun read with just the right amount of drama and romance to make it the perfect book to read during a lazy day or night. 

Lingerie and Lariats tells the story of Renee Winfield who has returned to her home town for the weekend with her boyfriend.  Renee is hoping to catch up to her adoptive family, the Cameron’s while Jerry attends to the business that has brought them to town.  Meeting up with her old childhood friend, Dan Cooper who is now the local sheriff and also catching up the Cameron family who she spent four years living with as a child she hopes to have a fun reunion.  Unfortunately for Renee a different side to Jerry is shown and before long Renee finds herself in deep trouble.  Not to spoil it for you, the only question remains is will our hunky hero of the story, Dan Cooper save the day?  Don’t miss out on finding out, grab your copy today.

Renee returns to Arizona and runs into her childhood crush, Dan Cooper, who's now county sheriff. The truth about her recently dumped, financial manager boyfriend and his unseemly activities puts Renee in a dangerous position. Unknowingly, she signed a paper that makes him her sole beneficiary. She's worth more to him dead than alive. Dan's protection and Renee's will to live might not be enough.

Check out the rest of the Rough and Ready series on her website.
Cheyenne McCray

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