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Saturday, August 4, 2012

He Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Desiree Holt

Review by Desere Steenberg He Came Upon a Midnight Clear (1 Night Stand Series)

I have been a Desiree Holt fan for a very,very long time and in He Came Upon a Midnight Clear I was once again surprises by just how very powerful this author can be.

The characters were strong,passionate,loving,remarkable and so much more. The book tells of Libby and Cody ,two people who both have a life decision to make but needs a little push in the right direction to get there. But at the same time they both have their secrets that could ruin it all.

Libby had a life altering experience at a spa and needs a little pick me up one night stand to make her feel like a true sensual woman again.Cody on the other hand as to find a wife by New Years Day or stand to loose his ranch.

This book was a wonderful addition to the "one night stand series" and in true Desiree Holt fashion gave me all I want from a good read. It was the kind of book that after reading you need more than just a few minutes to come back down to earth and catch your breath.

Desiree Holt twists here and twines there to create a absolutely wonderful read. She knows how,when and where to give the scenes the edge and

And yes it has that very happy ending that I have come to love from Desiree's books. It is a quick read but one that you will not forget.

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