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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seductions Shift by A.C. Arthur

Seduction's ShiftSeductions Shift releases on September 25th and is the second in the Shadow shifter series. I haven't read the first, Temptation Rising, which I think may be a shame, and I am definitely going to have to pick it up. I may have been able to get into the story a lot faster than I did had I had the background that Temptation Rising would have provided. I only say this because she didn't really describe what Ary and Nick look like for us in much detail, so I couldn't get a good clear picture in my mind. However, that is my only complaint. She did give me a clear picture of charactors that were clearly being just introduced in Seductions Shift. She was able to keep me reading because she did a great job of giving me a feel for Ary and Nicks personalities. They were very realistic throughout, and she otherwise did a fabulous job bringing me into her shifter world. They are both very strong charactors, kick butt and sexy, and there was tons of action to keep me turning the pages. Ary made me think a lot of Rosario Dawson as her charactor in The Rundown. There wasn't really anybody in particular that Nick brought to mind, but he was definitely the typical Alpha male- agressive, sexy and totally clueless as to the female rationale. I look forward to reading Caprise and Xaviar's story. The peeks into their charactors have me revved.
Ary is the Curandero, or medicine woman, of one of the shadow shifter tribes in the Gungi jungle. She was raised knowing that she would always have to put the needs of the tribe ahead of her own, and had fully intended on fufilling the responsibility. Even after the unthinkable happens...she finds her mate in the uber sexy Nick Delgado. The problem is, he is not a Curandero also, which her tribe could not or would not accept and their parents force them to separate and move Nick to the United states.
Sixteen years later Nick is drawn back to the Gungi when he learns that Ary is missing and may have been taken by the rogue shadow shifter Sabar. Knowing that Sabar couldn't possibly have anything good planned for his Ary he is desperate to bring her back to the safety of her family and the tribe, then hopefully resume his normal life. His plan quickly disinigrates when he does get her back only to find out that the family he was hoping to return her to turns out to be part of the problem. After the gunfight that kills Ary's parents he knows that he has no other choice than to bring her back to the Unites States with him so that he can ensure her safety.
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