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Monday, August 27, 2012

Heart of Gold-By JR Ward

Heart of GoldShe pens gold no matter the genera! I immensely enjoyed Heart of Gold, one of JR Ward’s non-paranormal romance books. I loved both main characters Nick and Carter, they are both strong independent people that just really aren’t looking for more in their personal lives, but of course fate always has other plans. Another character I loved and really hope to see more of is Nick's nephew, Cort. He was a very strong presence-outspoken, sweet, and he certainly was not one to let things pass with out making certain his opinion was known. I cannot get enough of JR Ward! She is a writer that had captured me with the very first book I picked up- which just happened to be paranormal genera-one of the BDB books. I had not read any of the books she had written under her alter Pen Jessica Bird... I know, Bad Me! Well, now I know that the Warden is a very well rounded writer, and I will have to go dig up the Jessica Bird works. Way to go Warden!

Archaeologist Carter Wessex is well known and well respected in her field, and is the only person her best friend, Grace, thinks may have shot at getting to the bottom of the 200 year old Winship mystery involving a betrayal, murder, and a fortune in gold residing on Farrell Mountain. The problem is, Nick Ferrell, the man who owns Farrell Mountain has no respect for the archeological profession, preferring to think of them as gold diggers, and takes great pleasure in denying access to his land. Carter figures she is likely to get booted out the door without even speaking to the infamous tycoon, but gears up for the challenge and heads to Farrell Mountain. Determined to plead her case Carter manages to talk her way past Nicks housekeeper guard dog to find herself standing before the man himself. And oohhy, what a man! That is, utill he opens his sexy, rude, and insulting mouth.

Nick is in no mood to deal with the a-moral gold diggers that have been flooding his mountain with requests to search his land since that degenerate shyster Lyst snuck onto his land and found the cross he has been telling everyone belongs to the Reverend Winship.. How this one talked her way past Gertie he’ll likely never know, and he had better get rid of her before she has the suck him into her game too. Only after unceremoniously shutting Carter down does he realize that she is the only child of William Wessex the very man Nick is in the middle of making a billion dollar deal with. Nick finds out that Carter has been estranged from her father, and he desperately wants to rebuild their relationship. If Nick can bring them back together Wessex will owe him BIG time. But when the time comes to put them in the same place Nick gets cold feet. He knows that the fragile relationship that has begun between Carter and himself would be blown to pieces if she were to get wind of his initial plan to use her to further his business relationship with her father. He has to convince her that he loves her before she finds out about why he had changed his mind about letting her dig on his land.


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As always JR Ward delivers a 5 heart read-

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