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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dust of my wings by Carrie Ann Ryan

Review by Desere Steenberg :

Dust of My Wings (Dante's Circle)

This was a truly wonderful and magical read from a brilliant author! We are all simply just human right ? Think again !

Lily thinks she is your average run of the mill kind of girl that is until she discovers a magical blue dust in her very neat lab and ends up being thrown into a thunderstorm that forever changes her life. Turns out she is not so normal and average human as she thought.

Enter Shade the very oh to yummy warrior angel. Now he has a rather difficult task of protecting the supernatural on earth but in the process he has done the unthinkable ...he has left some of his magic blue dust all over town and now he needs to get it back!

But his encounter with Lily brings him to the point of having to face some tough decisions and in the process he might just loose more than his wings. The chemistry and passion between this sexy winged warrior and Lily (who  I might add has some serious fantasies about the sexy angel) is explosive !

I have read other Carrie Ann Ryan books and she always manages to transport me to a world of love,magic and a twist that I never see coming but in the end always love ! The characters were so powerful that they had be shouting out loud at the book wanting to jump in and give me a piece of my mind.

The book also introduced me to the a group of people (and no I am not telling it all as you need to go and read this for yourself) that will have you just dying in anticipation for the instalment in the series!

Absolutely brilliant read and the perfect magical snuggle up for any day !

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