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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where There's a Will - by Karen Kelley

Where There's A WillYes, I have a winner! I found another Must Have author. Where there’s a Will had me intrigued from the very beginning. It is part of a series/companion I don’t know how I would personally classify it as I didn’t realize it (I just hoped it would be)- till I was finished reading and Googled Karen hoping to find more of her books. It is part of the Good Girl series and is the second installation. It was both humorous and titillating- what more could a girl want? Mark it in your calendars-Where There’s a Will comes out on September 9th - You NEED to pick up this book, and if you haven’t already you might want to grab the first book as well - Where There’s Smoke - which was only released a few short months ago.

The underlying story is something that most women are familiar with. Haley grows up believing herself the ugly duckling because that is what she has always been told. Everyone is always offering well meaning advise, but it is never the right advise for her. Haley is a good girl, but she has what her family would consider a naughty secret. She has been keeping a very salacious journal of all her hot and sexy fantasies. She is desperate to explore her sexual side, but is unable to draw the right man to experiment on. Stood up once again she prays for a miracle in the form of a really hot, drool-worthy, sexy man. She was dead tired of all the losers and rejects.

Her prayers are answered, and then some when Ryder Shows up on her doorstep. Ryder is a Nephilim and is definitely hot, drool-worthy and sexy. Hearing her prayer he want to give her is personal attention. He decides that he wants to do with her every single fantasy she has written about in that journal of hers, and show her exactly how beautiful she is while she is doing it. Boy answering this prayer is certainly no hardship!

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Definitely a 5 star read 

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