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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Absolution by Diane Alberts

Absolution by Diane Albert’s is the first book of the new Honor Guard series. 
Eva can’t believe Joseph dares to show his face to her after he’d cheated on her with a stripper—in her bed. She’d kicked him out, and has no desire to let him back in, despite his claims of being assigned to protect her from the Cartel. Her life very well may be in danger, but she fears more for the safety of her heart.

Joseph made one foolish mistake a year ago, and has been paying for it ever since. She might not want to allow him into her life again, but he doesn’t care if she despises the very thought of him. His duty is to keep Eva alive, even if it might end up being the death of him. Because he never stopped loving her.

Can they put their painful history aside, and work together against her enemy? Or will the past prove too strong to be forgiven?

After Colonel Hugo Gonzales is sent a portfolio with photos of his daughter, Eva in a potentially dangerous position he has no choice but to hire the best guard to protect he can.  Unfortunately for everyone involved that is Eva’s ex-boyfriend, Joseph.  Joseph is a special agent in the ATF and although not employed by the Colonel, out of respect and concern he accepts the job. Having only recently ended their relationship in a less that friendly way Joseph isn’t convinced she will welcome his return, much less accept his protection but there is little choice in the matter.
The moment they re-enter each other’s lives there is fireworks.  Eva, hot with desire but unable to forgive and Joseph’s never ending lust and battling with both protecting her and winning her back.  Fighting each other every step of the way, it comes down to life and death before we can see which side will win.

Entertaining, sexy and action all in one.  Absolution is a delightful read.

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