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Monday, August 6, 2012


Alec MacKeage was a ski bum, he was creating an amazing adventure trail for the new 5 star resort that would open in a month. During a freakish thunderstorm he rescues a beautiful woman who is being chased by kidnappers and after a little begging on her part he allows he to stay with him for a few days. But when those days stretch past a week, Alec finds himself fighting his attraction to the mysterious Jane Smith—despite knowing the woman isn’t who she claims to be. Then again, neither is he…

Jane is really Carolina Oceanus decided she didn‘t want to be trapped in a loveless marriage, and decided to run away. Now years later she’ll do anything to avoid the six ancient-minded men her father has brought to Maine for the grand opening ball for the resort to try and win her hand. But as the maddening competition heats up, Carolina realizes that she’ll have to come clean to Alec, the seductive loner who’s managed to capture her heart…

An absolutely amazing storyline! Makes you wonder how life would be if we all still had Father’s like Tidus. Champan really has brought an old style way of life as well as Mythology into the 21st century. Every women wants her Knight in Shining armor to find and rescue her. So if you haven’t found your Knight just yet, then I’d say pick up this book and imagine yourself being in Jane’s shoes.  

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