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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

~~One Night Rodeo-by Lorelei James~~

Can I get an Mmmm Mmmm! One Night Rodeo rocked my world! I recommend adding it to your tbr list immediately. It is the latest installment of Lorelei James' Blacktop Cowboys series. Between the steamy scenes, banter/bickering, and the hilarious prank rehashing between Celia and Kyle, I had a horrible time putting the book down in order to get things accomplished around the house. Also, I was terribly stoked to see my name as one of the characters. Never have I read a book with Tanna as a character, and I have read an astronomical number of books, so thanks LJ for the extra cool perk ( :
Celia and Kyle have known and irritated each other for most of their lives. Celia is Kyle's best friend's little sister, and that means she is off limits. For the last few years Kyle has had a tough time remembering that hard and fast rule. Then they wake up from a drunken night of revelry in Las Vegas to find out they had gotten hitched. Celia demands an annulment immediately, but an emergency phone call from Kyle's mother puts the annulment on hold so that they can get back home and figure things out. Kyle has already decided that there is No. Way. In. Hell. he is going to let Celia out of this quickie marriage without a fight. So he persuades her to stick with it for at least 6 months and help him learn how to run the ranch he has just inherited. He just hopes it will be enough time to convince her that their marriage was no mistake.

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A 5 heart read!

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