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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review: The Sweet Surrender of Janet Buchanan by Paula Quinn


Janet Buchanan is no man's property. She refuses to marry her family's sworn enemy-consequences be damned. She'd rather take a dagger to the brute herself. Yet when a tantalizing-and infuriating-man from her past comes to her rescue, Janet finds herself undeniably tempted by his hot, hungry kiss.


Notorious for his prowess as a lover and a fighter, Darach Grant has only one goal in mind: to defend his kin's land from the impending siege of a hostile clan. The last thing he needs is the delicious distraction of Janet Buchanan-the only woman who can stir his ire as deeply as she warms his blood. But Janet's intended will stop at nothing to claim her, forcing Darach to choose between surrendering his honor . . . or his heart.

I love Highlanders and Paula Quinn certainly knows how to write some sexy Scottish warriors. Darach Grant is a charming rogue with some fabulously deep layers to his personality. It really was a pleasure to witness him reunite with Janet Buchanan and see this strong confident man wrestle with doubts and insecurities. His all too human reactions just made him even more appealing. Janet was full of vigor and her sharp tongue did a fantastic job of keeping Darach on his toes. Without giving too much away I found the forest scene to be so truly romantic, breathtakingly so. I did however have a bit of a hard time with reading the dialogue as it was written; I already knew they were Scottish I didn't need the contractions to so heavily reinforce it. This is one of the most adventuresome short stories I have read and it kept me riveted, thankfully I didn't miss too much sleep by staying up late to read it.

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