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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review: Emma Brewster: Too Hot to Handle by Mary Moriarty

Emma Brewster comes from a long line of Brewster witches and she is not only a witch but a fire-starter witch. She is supposed to be able to control that element but so far she can’t control much of anything when she comes in contact with a handsome man.

           Now why is she always bumping into that new, handsome man who just so happens to be a Fire Fighter. She has taken to wearing colored contacts and sunglasses, even on cloudy days so her eyes don’t see him that clearly… but he always seems to be around. Boy is he hot… and oh drat there goes another fire cropping up!

           Cas O’Halloran came to this suppose sleepy town to get away from the big city life, except once he bumped into that beautiful redheaded woman on that rainy morning at the bagel shop, his life has been anything but normal or low keyed. His Chief said there have been more unexplained little fires since his arrival than anytime in the history of Cadwell Harbor. ‘This once sleepy, picturesque town is constantly on fire’. So Cas wants to find out why, but he also wants to find out why of all women he is attracted to this red-head who wears sunglasses on rainy, cloudy days and if that’s not bad enough, he feels electrified and alive when he touches her.

          Cadwell Harbor will never see a quiet Halloween again if Emma Brewster and Cas O’Halloran have anything to do with it. Nor will it be left standing if those two don’t settle down… one way or another

           I love it when I find a book that is so much better than I expect, and this one certainly was. Mary Moriarty writing style is so smooth and easy to read it just seems to flow. Emma is such an interesting character full of quirks, lust  and female insecurities that you feel like she's an old friend by the end of the story. I liked her, and really got a giggle out of Aunt Tiny and her gaggle of witches. They make for some great side characters, as did Kathy and Paul her best friends. Her instance attraction to Cas was great, I love that she did not draw out their disagreement.

           Vivid, larger than life characters give the story soul. I was drawn to the sparks between Emma and Cas and how similar their lives are. Emma, being independent and having no one of significance in her life and with Cas fighting  his true self and how they learned to make it work was a sweet aspect to the story. Emma's friends were more than supporting characters, they were fully realized and fully hilarious. I love Mary Moriarty's style of writing. She gives this book great depth and humor in her characters that leaves you warm and wanting more and shouting from the sidelines.

     There's nothing too heavy in this story, it's just a light and easy read. Her writing actually reminded me a lot of Mary Janice Davidson Undead Series. I am hoping this will be a new series, I am such a romantic that I make it a point to read every Paranormal Romance novel I can get my hands on and "Emma Brewster: Too Hot to Handle," is one of the many reasons why! This is such a fun story you owe it to yourself to read it!!! I started reading this book one night right before bedtime thinking I would read a few pages before turning in and guess what?  I couldn't stop reading long enough to put the book down! If you are an avid reader of Paranormal romance novels (like I am then this is one book you do not want to overlook! The romance is fast and hot and the plot is a real winner!

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