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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: Earls Just Want to Have Fun by Shana Galen

His heart may be the last thing she ever steals...
Marlowe is a pickpocket, a housebreaker-and a better actress than any professional on the stage. She runs with the Covent Garden Cubs, a gang of thieves living in the slums of London's Seven Dials. It's a fierce life, and Marlowe has a hard outer shell. But when she's alone, she allows herself to think of a time before-a dimly remembered life when she was called Elizabeth.
Maxwell, Lord Dane, is intrigued when his brother, a hired investigator, ropes him into his investigation of the fiercely beautiful hellion. He teaches her to navigate the social morass of the ton, but Marlowe will not escape so easily. Instead, Dane is drawn into her dangerous world, where the student becomes the teacher and love is the greatest risk of all.

This was one of those stories where I'm so glad I didn't let my first impression talk me out of abandoning. I admit I was definitely not a fan of the heroine from the start but eventually I grew to really like her and I loved how her personality was revealed in layers. I also wasn't sure if they were a good match. But Shana Galen is a magically story teller and soon I couldn't imagine these two not being together. Lord Dane is an upstanding gentleman, maybe even what you could call priggish and it was interesting to see the influence Marlowe has on him, and vice versa. The supporting characters bring a depth to the story and an amazing amount of entertainment and enjoyment. I have become a huge fan of this author and I know that she is going to provide me with a skillfully written descriptive historical romance full of details and images I will remember long after the last page has been finished. If you are looking for a well-balanced, beautifully written tale this is a must-read.

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