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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: Accidentally in Love Claudia Dain

Miss Emeline Harlow has loved Kit Culley all her life and is going to marry him. Unfortunately, Kit doesn't know that. 

Growing up together in Wiltshire has given Kit the odd idea that he and Emeline are practically siblings. They are not. Now that they are both in London for the 1804 Season, Emeline is going to prove it to him. Emeline and Kit both have mothers who are determined that they marry into the peerage, but that isn't going to stop Emeline from using every ploy she can think of to get Kit to realize that he loves her. 

What Emeline quickly realizes is that growing up in Wiltshire has not prepared her to have "ploys." She does, however, have Lady Eleanor Kirkland as a new London friend and Eleanor is very sophisticated for a girl just Out, and she has very sophisticated Town connections, one of them being Sophia Dalby, ex-courtesan and widowed countess. 

Between Eleanor and Emeline, Kit and Lord Raithby, Emeline's mother and Kit's mother, Emeline's three younger brothers, and with a final push from Sophia Dalby, there are ploys aplenty. Find out how Kit falls accidentally in love in this lighthearted Regency romp, a novella in the More Courtesan Chronicles series. 

Claudia Dain is one of my go-to authors and this novella proves just why she is. I always know that she's going to deliver a solid read. It's a fun, light historical read that has just the right amount of misunderstanding and an abundance of wit. Emeline Harlow is a young woman who knows exactly she wants and while Kit Culley isn't so convinced, it was wonderful observing their interactions. I love a determined heroine! This is my favorite historical time period and this author has a fantastic gift of bringing it to life. The Season and the Ton come to life with amazing realism and beautiful detail. The supporting cast is engaging, entertaining and enjoyable to watch in action. If you are looking for a sweet way to travel to a different time and place this is a great choice.

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