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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review: Gentlemen Prefer Curves Sugar Jamison


Belinda Gordon thought she had it all—a great job, wonderful friends, a home of her own. She’s even come to love her voluptuous body. But she still can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. And then Carter Lancaster, aka Her Biggest Mistake, shows up in town, as irresistible as ever, and shakes up her entire world.

Carter never expected to find Belinda in town, looking as delicious as the day he married her five years ago—before she walked out on him after six weeks and a painful misunderstanding that included his baby daughter, Ruby. A quick divorce is the sensible option—but Carter can’t let Belinda go now, not when he can see the family they could be. Love may be a curveball, but this time he’s going to prove to Belinda that he can hit it out of the park… Gentlemen Prefer Curves is the third book in the Perfect Fit series

Even though I often love the heroines I read about, I seldom wish to be them, however I would love to be Belinda Gordon. Her life might not be perfect but it sure looks fantastic to me by the conclusion of this story! she is a realistic woman, with strengths and weaknesses and it was a pleasure to see her dealing with the surprises life threw her. Carter was like Prince Charming to me, he seemed as if he was the embodiment of a little girl's fantasy come to life for the woman she'd become. He too had his share of good and bad qualities which made him all the more appealing. I loved how interesting her relationship was with her parents, everybody has a unique bond with their loved ones and watching her interact with her parents was at times painful and at other times beautiful. I love that this author writes about curvier heroines, someone I have an easy time relating to and I enjoy her authentic style and appealing tone. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for some, fun and romance and I look forward to reading whatever she has to offer next.

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