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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: Fire Rising Author Donna Grant

For centuries, the Dragon Kings have battled heaven and earth to protect their dragon magic. But when a beautiful mortal seeks refuge in their lair, she ignites a warrior’s love, an enemy’s wrath, and a firestorm of passion that could destroy them all…


Sammi Miller lives a quiet life as a pub owner in the Scottish Highlands—until the mob bursts in with guns blazing, looking for her ex-lover. Taking a bullet in the shoulder, she manages to escape and make her way to her half-sister Jane. Hidden away in the mountain fortress of the mysterious Dreagan Industries, Sammi finds more than a safe haven. She finds Tristan—the most gorgeous, beguiling, and haunted man she has ever known…


Newest of the Dragon Kings, Tristan fell from the sky in a snowstorm naked with a sword—but with no memories of his ancient struggles. When he meets the wounded Sammi, something powerful stirs within his heart. When he sees the dragon symbol etched into the bullet from her shoulder, something fierce burns within his soul. With his darkest enemies closing in, Tristan must take wing, take sides—and take no prisoners—to save the woman he’s destined to love

I think that Fire Rising, the second book in the series A Dark Kings Novels, was a very gripping story of the internal and external threats to these supernatural beings. All the fighting between the different factions is sometimes confusing but still exciting to read, especially with Sammi and Tristans budding romance. 

I have read some of Donna Grants  Dark Warrior books and was very pleased that the Dark Kings series is bring some answers to what happened to some of the other characters. It was fun trying to solve some of the mystery of this book never quite knowing what was going to happen next.  The steamy romance between Sammi the human and Tristan was very intense. I really liked the very detailed accounts of the fighting between all the different people and the emotions that were so intense but sweet.

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