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Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: Flaming Hot By Lynn LaFleur

Flaming Hot is a collection of three stories highlighting volunteer firemen set in Lanville, Texas. The stories concentrate on a couple and their meeting and growing love.

Fiery is about Eve who has had two broken engagements and thinks that since it must be her fault she doesn't deserve a happy ever after.Quade is ready for a forever after relationship and he wants it with Eve. This is a sexy story of how he breaks down her barriers so they can be happy.

Flare is about Paige who is looking for a good time and hot steamy sex, but not a serious relationship. Cort is ready to accommodate her, but, what is he really up to. Very sexy and fun scenes.

Flash is a very different story. Kirk and Kory are twin brothers. Kory is out for a good sexy time.  Kirk is very low keyed and wants to settle down. The problem is he is gay and even his twin brother doesn't know.  Josh is a gay rich boy but wants to travel and learn how to earn money on his own, by working hard at different jobs. 

I thought the three stories were fun reading but was hoping for more background on who the different people were. They were still great sexy and fun stories to read.

I liked the ways that the characters were brought together and helped the couples realize that there can be a good future for them.

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