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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Review: An Earl like No Other by Wilma Counts


Katherine Gardiner, a young English widow, has only one dream: to protect her son—a future duke—from her merciless father-in-law. Determined and desperate, she has no option but to take the guise of a housekeeper and escape to Yorkshire where the only hope is the enigmatic Earl of Kenrick…


In all his years spent roaming the world, Jeremy Chilton never braced himself for the burden of a much-damaged inheritance. Now, the new Earl of Kenrick must save his family legacy and raise his motherless young daughter as a proper English lady. His only salvation is his beautiful housekeeper, Kate. But as her secrets unravel, much that is puzzling about her falls into place. No wonder the Earl has caught himself imagining her more wife than employee. Clearly she belongs at Kenrick—safe in his arms. Now, if only he can convince her to agree…

Katherine Gardiner is one of the most extraordinary heroines I've come across. She seems fairly mundane until you realize just how strong she is and what she will do to protect her son. There's just something wonderful about a mama bear protecting her cub. And speaking of protective bears, Jeremy Chilton is a grizzly bear when it comes to his daughter's happiness and welfare. His confrontation with the Nanny was in itself worth reading the book for. The supporting characters are as interesting as the main couple and yet they do not overshadow them which I found to be a huge plus. A couple of the adversaries are a tad typical and yet not over-the-top clich├ęs which I enjoyed. I loved the details of this story and the settings vividly come to life.

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