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Monday, August 3, 2015

5/5 Review: Primal Force by D.D. Ayers

I received this book as an ARC for a honest review.  This book was a sweet read that dealt with several emotions.  It served as a reminder to me that not only do your service men put their lives on the line daily but their loyal K9 companions do the same. 

Law is trying to deal with his trauma the best way he knows.  He agree to take Sam as a new K9 companion to try and help him.  He hasn’t really been committed to it.  He just wants to find out what really happen on the day he was injured and find out what really happen to Scud.  He can’t seem to put this behind him.  His sister, Yardley is trying her best to find out what happen.  He returns to his Law enforcement job as a state trooper in hopes of passing the law enforcement physical.  Due to the injury to his leg, having a prosthetic leg, and not being able to full on pursuit and apprehend, he had failed the test and put himself into a downward spiral. 

Jori is a sweet and dependable person.  She loves working with the Warriors Wolf Pack.  She finds comfort in pair these dogs to new vets and sees great joy watching them become partners.  She has her own past to deal with and being an ex con (due to being set up, I do believe).  When Law wants to return Sam saying his isn’t a Doodle kid of guy, Lori just needs to make him see that this dog is perfect for him.  When this turns into a full on affair between the two of them with Lori fully understanding that he doesn’t do relationships.  Throughout this book, Law discovers that he really wants to help her find the truth of what happen when she was sent to jail.  He digs and finally finds what he believes to be a set up. 

Law wants nothing more but to tell Lori how much he cares for her.  He is scared and just too stubborn.  When he is taken hostage and Lori find him, it is Sam to the rescue and everything seems to fall into to place for all three. 

Excellent writing and each and every character was a great addition to this read.

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