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Friday, August 21, 2015

4/5 Reviews: Lawless in Leather by Melanie Scott

Raina Easton never dreamed she'd end up playing ring master to a bunch of baseball cheerleaders. But when the New York Saints offers her a job to coach its new squad--the Fallen Angels--Raina can't refuse. As the owner of a burlesque club, she can certainly show the girls more than a few good moves. But as for her new boss? That is, as they say, a whole 'nother story. . . 

Army veteran, biker, and all-around tough guy, Malachi Coulter isn't your typical sports-team owner. For one thing, he doesn't think cheerleaders belong on the baseball field. Another: he can't seem to separate business and pleasure when he meets his somewhat scandalous new employee. Seems the major-league bad boy has met his match in the gorgeous, feisty Raina. All's fair in love and baseball…could it be that, after all this time, Malachi is playing to win?


This is the first book I've read by Melanie Scott and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It is the 3rd in the New York Saints series - but stands well on it's own.

Malachi Coulter is one of the owners of a baseball team called the New York Saints, and the head of security, he also owns his own security firm. He is appalled when he finds out his partners are hiring cheerleaders (BASEBALL DOESN'T HAVE CHEERLEADERS). But, his partners are doing anything they can to get fans back in the stadium.

One of his partner's has hired Reina Easton to pick and train the cheerleaders. Reina, was a Broadway dancer and now owns a burlesque club - she is taking the job seriously, she needs this job and the money that goes with it to keep her in business.

Although both Malachi and Reina are attracted to one another, neither acts on those feelings. But, when Reina starts receiving threats from a fan and her vehicle and clothing that they are thrown together more and more. Alex becomes more and more concerned as the incidents start moving from the stadium to the club.

I found the story enchanting and watching Reina and Mal deal with their own issues and learn to love each other was wonderful. The characters are strong and well developed, and the story pulls you in and makes you keep turning the pages. 

If you are looking for a great romance with a bit of mystery thrown in - I highly recommend this one.

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