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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

5/5 Review: Inside out by Lauren Dane

This book had me under its spell by chapter 2.  Such great writing with an enthralling story line.  I am in awe of this writing.  The characters in this book make it come alive and Ella and Cope are a true romance come to life. 

Ella is a fighting her way back to a normal life.  She still has panic attacks and relives her attack often.  She does well but some days are always hard.  She is working her way back to the person she was before. 

Andrew (Cope)(Andy) is a good guy with a lady’s man rep.  He has known Ella quite some time and has been in love with her for almost as long.  He is ready to make his move.  His family issues cause problems and before he knows it, Ella is taking a stand for him.  He knows he loves her.  He just has to make sure he can be what she needs.  He knows he can’t live without her.  He is scared.  He is so very scared, for his future.

Throughout the struggles, he realizes that he can’t stay away from her.  He has to make her see that he can be all she needs. 

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