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Monday, August 3, 2015

5/5 Review: Beyond the Cut by Sarah Castille

This MC book was delicious.  The characters were very well written and this book had a story line like no other.

Dawn is dealing with life the best way she knows how.  She works hard and does everything she can to just see her children when her miserable Ex Jimmy says she can.  She is forced to pay Shelly Ann, Jimmy’s sister just so she can spend extra time with her girls.  Life certainly isn’t fair.  All Dawn knows is that the MC life is responsible for her trouble and she refused to be apart of this life any longer.  She is working hard to get her girl back so she can be done with all of them.   

Cade “Raider” Tyson is a member of the Sinner’s Tribe MC.  He is dealing with his own demons.  He and Dawn have hooked up in the past but that doesn’t happen anymore.  He is determined to make her his.  The only way he knows how to protect her fully is to make her his old lady.  They both agree to the sham and set about letting everyone that she is his. The one thing neither of them thought was they both loved where they were and neither wanted to leave.

Through the battles and emotions in this book, one constant reminder was that Raider loves Dawn. He is fierce and loyal and protects his own. 

A total thrill ride into this MC world.  Excellent read.

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