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Thursday, August 13, 2015

5/5 Review: Night's Surrender by Amanda Ashley

Readers who need more of Ashley's dominant alphas of the night, will foray into the next installment of Children of the Night, NIGHT'S SURRENDER. Star crossed lovers with their own secrets to protect, this couple have to jump through hoops, fight off hunters, and tackle the dominant future in-laws to have their happy ever after. Ashley has crafted a hero who is willing to risk it all in the name of love. And a heroine whose compassion is remarkable, and strong enough to face off a family of vampires and the hunters who are after them. There are a lot of interesting challenges and struggles the characters face, but readers will find Night’s Surrender exciting, alluring, and definitely a great addition to the stellar book collection. 

Abbey is at a crossroad in her life, an aspiring actress going nowhere. Although Abbey is human, she is very well love by her vampire family. And she often wonders, if one day she's able to give in and accept the Dark Gift. But before making up her mind, the chance encounter with the mysterious and handsome man, tug something at her heartstring. Nick Desanto is a two thousand years old vampire, he was a fledging sired by the great Mara. Rumor has it, Mara has found a cure for mortality and Nick wants it. Weary of living the immortal life, Nick set out in search for the cure but instead landed himself in front of the beautiful and mesmerizing Abbey Cordova. 

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