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Friday, March 29, 2013

When the Duke Found Love by Isabelle Bradford

                                                              Reviewer: Brandy Page


I loved this book, the way Ms Bradford described Fantome or Moniseur le Gros I had to laugh out loud. I wanted to go buy a white dog just so I could name him Fantome. This book was cute and romantic and had me laughing.

This book is like a soap opera. First we have Lady Dianna Wylder who is unmarried and has a wild streak. Her mother arranges a marriage between Lady Dianna and Lord Crump who is opposite of Dianna. Lord Crump just wants a son and doesn’t really want to be married. Dianna’s mother hopes that the marriage to Lord Crump can change her daughter. Then we have the Duke of Sheffield and his dog Fantome. The king has requested that Sheffield marry due to a scandal in France. His family has arranged it for him to marry Lady Enid Lattimore. The problem is Enid is in love with Dr. Joshua Pullings, her brother’s tutor.

Sheffield and Dianna have a chance meeting in the park. They both realize that they are similar in so many ways. Sheffield devises a plan to pretend to be engaged to Enid. When the time comes Joshua and Enid can be together on his estate. All the while Dianna is engaged to Crump and to please him she starts to change and Sheffield hates it. He wants the girl back that he met in the park. Sheffield arranges for Dianna to be a chaperon for Enid. This allows Enid to spend time with Joshua and Sheffield to spend time with Dianna.

Dianna knows that Crump is all wrong for her but her family won’t listen to her. She wants to marry for love and she realizes that she found it in Sheffield. Sheffield knows that Crump is wrong for her and goes out of his way to prove it, while pretending to be engaged. Sheffield’s family tells him repeatedly to stay away from Dianna. When Dianna and Sheffield realize how much they have in common and that they love each other. They run away and get married so no one can keep them apart.

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