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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Long Way Home by Mariah Stewart

                                                               Reviewer: Brandy Page


I LOVED LOVED this book. Ms Stewart did such an amazing job with all the details and the storyline. I could see the old mohair couch. I want to go find St Dennis and eat the ice cream. This is a great book for anyone who wants to get away in a book. Go to St Dennis! I know I am going to be buying her other books so I can go back.

Ellis/Ellie Chapman had everything she could ever want. She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. She worked for her father’s company and was engaged to be married, she had it all. That was until the day her world fell out from beneath her. She found out that her father and her finance had been swindling billions from his own company. Everything she had and knew was taken to repay all the investors. The only thing that she had left was the house in St Dennis.

Ellis decided to change her name to Ellie Ryder when she got to Maryland. She didn’t want people to judge her on the sins of her father. According to her mother’s will, she had to stay in the house for 6 months without selling it or any of the contents. Ellie was used to having things done for her, so learning that the house needed a lot of work was hard.

Enter Cameron O’Conner the local contractor. He wanted Lilly’s house more than anything and was shocked to find Ellie in it. When Ellie found out that Cameron had been taking care of the place and wanted to buy it, she was thrilled. He would have to wait the 6 months without knowing who Ellie really was and why she was there.

Sparks begin to fly between the two as they begin to fix the house up together. Having all her money taken by the Feds, she could only pay him in duck decoys. Ellie soon realizes that this town and the people don’t judge on the sins of the father. Ellie becomes the guardian of the 13 year old sister she never knew she had. They begin to make a home out of Lilly’s house and become a family.

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