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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hunger Embraced-by Jennifer James

Two words-Smokin Hot! James has pulled out all the stops with Miranda TTB-or Daniel. At first I didn’t really like Miranda because she had a really stand-offish attitude, but as her past was revealed her demeanor and behavior became much easier to understand.  Not excusable-but understandable. And not only does Daniel have the patience of a Saint-he is sooo sweet. The total package all the way around. Loved it-5 heart read!
Miranda is an incubus vampire that feeds off of and can feed other vampires through sex. Her father, a coven leader, had sent her away when she was young to live a “normal” life before being blooded into her vampire maturity. She was the first vampire to have been born instead of turned in ages, and to top it off she is what the vampires call a Chosen so when she is finally blooded into her maturity they expect her to bring their race back into fertility. When her father had brought her back to the coven for her blooding he made one mistake after another. First he didn’t prepare her for life as a vampire, second he tried to force her to perform her blooding ceremony in public, and third-he decided to betroth her to a man she has never met and doesn’t even tell her about it. Needless to say she freaks and takes off, but in the process of escaping she ends up killing a boy that she cares for with her “hunger” and so scars herself that she is intent on denying her own hunger and as a result she is a magnet for any “hungry” vampire in the vicinity whether it be for blood, sex, flesh, or emotions and they all treat her as a fast food joint. Then Daniel comes into the picture and totally throws her world off kilter when he seems determined to only give and not take. Of course right after meeting Daniel, her King (or betrothed) comes for her, and boy is he a nasty piece of work. Now she HAS to come to terms with what she so that she can find out what happened to her father’s coven and escape the pursuit of her supposed King.

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