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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

~~Immortally Yours-by Angie Fox~~

Reviewer: Tanna
Wicked great fun! I definitely found a new favorite author to add to my must read list. Angie’s humor is perfectly on par with Mary Janice Davidson’s Undead Series, so if you have enjoyed those then you will love this. I highly recommend buying Immortally yours, cause it is one you will want to reread again. I love love love  her characters-especially Jeffe the  guard sphinx-he totally cracks me up. This is a Must Read-five hearts all the way. Thanks Angie for a fantastic read!
The war raging between the new/young Gods and old Gods has been going on for so long that they had decided to recruit from earth, involuntarily might I add. Those with even a smidge of immortal blood-be it godly or otherwise- are being drafted to service. That’s what happens to Petra. One day she is running her own Paranormal hospital/clinic in New Orleans and the next she has been drafted and is now a surgeon in the MASH 3063rd. After having served in the blasted war for seven years she is completely fed up. She is tired of being alone, tired of all the death, and, well, just plain tired. Then one emergency flies in bringing in the warrior Galen of Delphi with a stab wound to the chest. Petra nearly loses him on the table, but thanks to her secret gift of seeing the dead- she was able to grab his spirit and yank him back just long enough to save him. That is where the prophecy to bring peace and end the infernal war between the Gods begins. Galen has to not only convince the more than jaded Peta, but also keep her alive to bring the prophecy to fruition.

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