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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Most Scandalous Proposal by Ashlyn Macnamara

                                                               Reviewer: Brandy Page
This was a cute story about two sisters, the St. Claire's. It is set in London in 1816.  I honestly had a hard time the first few chapters trying to understand everything.  The book just didn't seem to flow in the beginning for me.

Sophia is in love with the Earl of Clivesden who Julia can't stand.  While Sophia is hoping and praying that the Earl will one day notice her and ask for her hand in marriage, the Earl sets his sights on Julia. 
In comes Benedict Revelstoke, Julia's childhood friend. He arrives in London to purchase a horse.
He finds out that the Earl is just using Julia as a wager and has decided that he will do anything to prove his love to Julia. 
After Julia's parents accept the offer from Clivesden for Julia, she plots a way to end the engagement.  She knows that Benedict has always had her back.  She does the one thing she can think of to get the Earl to call off the marriage.  She asks Benedict to ruin her, the two take off together and make love.  Julia realizes that she loves Benedict as well.  Her father and the Earl find them together in bed. The Earl is very upset that he is close to loosing the wager and calls her a harlot causing her father to challenge him to a duel.  Benedict doesn't want Julia hurt so he tricks her father to take his place in the duel. Thank goodness he won and the two love birds were together from then on out.

The girls attend a ball and Sophia is following the Earl and ends up fainting at his feet. Sophia is helped by Rufus Fredrick Shelburne the Earl of Highgate. Clivesden and a maid that were attending to Sophia leave her alone with Rufus. This causes her to be on the verge of ruination by the Ton when they are discovered. Rufus asks for Sophia's hand realizing she is in love with Clivesden.  Rufus tells Sophia that the engagement is just for show until she can get back in favor with the Ton. During this time Sophia finds out that Clivesden has asked for Julia's hand in marriage and is devastated.  She believes that her sister has done this terrible thing on purpose.  When Julia goes missing, Sophia finds herself relying on Rufus.  He makes her feel things that she has never felt before.  They both realize that they are in love with each other.

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