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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Genesis Queen by Gracen Miller

If you're not already a Hellhound you really should be. Gracen's Road to Hell series is filled with adrenaline, sizzlingly sexy, and a MUST read. I just finished Genesis Queen the third installment of the series and am so stoked with the direction she took with the phenomenal characters she has brought to life. Madison is a southern good girl who finds out she has the capability of becoming an ultimate evil. It seems as though everyone and everything is conspiring to bring that bad side out. Of course her hard as nails personality helps keep her from accepting that evil. Plus she's got Phoenix and Zen on her side. Phoenix is the sexy touchstone that keeps her grounded and even though the king of Hell did  his damnedest corrupt him he was able to come out on top and help Mad's keep the balance between her good and bad side. Zen is an uber powerful being that was placed on earth to keep the balance between good and evil. Micah, Micah, Micah *sigh* I tried so hard not to like him, but he managed to get under my skin anyway. What Can I say-He is one of the four Kings of Hell, and the driving force behind Madison's creation. His dominant nature makes my spine tingle and his obvious devotion to his wife and son's future-intense as it can be at times-melted the frost from my heart like....well, like a snow cone in hell.


I highly recommend first reading books 1 and 2 before delving into GQ. Pandora's Box then Hell's Phoenix as you will really appreciate GQ more if you have the backstory.
Madison and Phoenix have made it out of hell, and even after having Madison stab him with the dragon scale blade Micah is not dead. Of course we already knew that because Madison did not die...permanently at the end of book 2. Well, not only didn't he die, but he still wants Madison and is willing to do anything to obtain her affection. Up to and including sharing her with the Arc of Heaven. Of course this offends Madison's good girl sense of morality and she fights any loving feelings she has for Micah and attempts to focus it only on Phoenix. Micah of course is not dissuaded and continues his pursuit, redoubling his efforts when he learns that Madison and Amos's lives are once again in danger. Now all three must team up to defeat the danger coming at them from two different and completely unexpected sources.

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