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Sunday, March 17, 2013

His Reluctant Rancher by Roxanna Snopek

The last place city girl Desiree Burke expected to find herself was living at and working on a ranch, much less butting heads with the ranch’s sexy cowboy owner, Zach Gamble. But that’s exactly where she ends up after an incident at work leads her to her best friend Rory’s doorstep. Desiree is a gifted physical therapist, and Rory knows exactly where her brand of tough love is needed the most.

Zach’s been through hell and back. A devastating car crash left his brother gone, his father paralyzed, and him with mental scars a mile wide. His survivor guilt alone makes him sure he doesn’t deserve to find love. But as Des works her way into his ranch, his family, and his life, suddenly the last person who belonged there is the only one he believes belongs…with him.


You really never know yourself until you’ve been tested or in Zach’s case a very tragic accident has changed your life forever. It’s like I felt the emotions of these characters jump off the page, and I have to say Roxanne did one amazing job. Not many can make you feel the way Zach does with survivor’s guilt, how Desiree is afraid of losing the life she worked so hard to create for herself. It really makes you wonder how you yourself would handle that type of situation, or maybe you have and this could hit close to home.

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